Splashes of color/I miss you, Fuji Velvia 100

Post #500, I suppose that should be a milestone!

It’s been all black & white film for a while, time to throw a splash of color into the mix.  These pictures date back to Fall 2020 but I didn’t get them developed until nearly a year later and then forgot about them til recently, as the aspen trees are changing color once again.  I mostly was using the Nikon F shooting Tri-X but brought out the F2A for whatever color film I was using since it was almost always going to be a different ASA and I wanted the meter to do more of my thinking for me.  As it turns out I don’t ever trust the meter and ended up overexposing quite a few of my shots.  These were the most usable.

I miss Fuji Velvia 100, while I do have a propack or two in my freezer but I may never use them.  It’s sad that Fujifilm makes so little film these days though honestly I’m surprised they have any left to sell considering some of my previous predictions.  Considering how the price has kept going up (upwards of $30 for one roll of Velvia 50) it’s likely that they’re just wringing as much as they can from their existing stock.  It’s possible every roll of Fuji that I shoot from here on out will just bemoan Fuji and their treatment of their film customer base over the last decade or so, but really it all was summed up by the last paragraph of this post.  Velvia 100, I miss you.

Milestone reached: 400 followers

According to WordPress at least, which is keeping track of these things.  I was looking back through my followers list because I’m sure a lot of those followers are fake…the thing is, if they are I didn’t pay for them!  But there are some strange fake-sounding websites following me (and apologies if you are one of those, I appreciate it, it’s just bizarre).  A few recent followers have already deleted their profiles.  One girl has followed me with at least 4 different profiles; I can’t judge as I follow myself from my music website.  So thank you, everyone.  And I don’t know about all the people that used to blog and don’t anymore: so many dead links or abandoned sites.  Do these people really count as followers?  It’s not like I get 400 likes every time I post something, it’s more like 5-10 most of the time, but thank you to those people who at least let me know they read it!

Also thank you to Chuck the Writer for linking to my latest post every Saturday without fail.  I don’t know who you are and we’ve never communicated but I appreciate you!  Knowing that Chuck will want something new to link to keeps me making at least one post a week and I’ll tell you all that without his silent acceptance things here would probably a bit more haphazard.  Thanks to Jim Grey who likes my stuff too and whatever he might think is pretty influential.  We’ve had some great conversations online and I’d like to think that you’re a friend, even if we’ve never met.

So let’s get truthful for a moment: I don’t make this blog for any of you.  I make it for myself.  And that’s the only way I know how to do it.  I make it because after I took Intro to Photography I felt the need to share my output beyond my immediate circle of friends on Facebook.  I feel a lot of the time like I’m in a vacuum and I’m just speaking to myself; I suppose that’s the way I want it but at the same time I couldn’t say that I don’t crave acceptance.  But thanks to all those out there who read even if they never comment or like, thanks for checking out my little corner here.  I recently conversed with someone on a Facebook group who had heard of my blog and liked my writing style.  Granted we have the same interests but I’m still happy it’s reaching people.

So keep reading and I’ll keep musing.  I do think that eventually I will run out of steam and I wouldn’t say that The Resurrected Camera has an infinite lifespan, but I don’t plan on erasing all that I’ve built here.  I hope that after my current photo project is wrapped up that I can take everything in a new direction but no promises that I will be nearly as prolific.

A decade spent shooting film

Yup, an entire decade.  And I never did digital photography much, this interest was sparked by picking up one of my Grandpa’s old cameras and using it.  Actually I started in the Fall of 2009 when I moved to Colorado, but it’s now been a full 10 years shooting film and nearly that since I bought my first real camera at a garage sale.  Of course, when I started out, I could only afford to shoot about a roll of film every month or so, and usually longer than that.  There was a lot of Fujicolor 200 and Superia 400 (and 800) that was bought expired at bargain prices (even from thrift stores occasionally), then getting it from Wal-Mart or local grocery stores back when it could be done for $3.00 per roll in bulk packs.  And I’d take it to Walgreens for developing and scanning back then, of course they don’t do it anymore.  I even managed to shoot film while living in my car for 9 months.

As film photographers we’ve experienced some lean years and have come through the worst of it.  So as for the whining about the Kodak price increase I’m inclined to believe that they really do need the added income to rework their factory.  One thing that really bothered me was that under Chapter 11 they started outsourcing the production of the acetate base; I’m not saying this is what they’re fixing but I think it would be if I were in charge.  For anyone that still feels the need to complain about something, I suggest the added tax to all internet purchases that seems to have slipped in sometime in the last year or so. It adds an extra 50% to Kodak’s price increase so buying online isn’t as affordable as it used to be that way either, though places like Freestyle, Adorama, and B&H still have the best prices I’ve seen.

This video above came along recently, which really makes me feel validated in what I’ve done since 2014, almost like my work here is finished.

I guess I could quit the blog and just get on with the work, or at least quit with the preaching.  I suppose that 10 years ago was the worst time for film photography when companies were discontinuing truly iconic emulsions left and right.  I never got the chance to try Kodachrome or the old Ektachrome, Aerochrome, Tech Pan, Provia 400X, Astia, Sensia, Fortia, and barely shot any Reala, Acros or Plus-X.  I only got my hands on T-Max P3200 once it was reintroduced.  I hope the trend continues and that we will see more films come back from the dead, just like Acros, Ektachrome, and P3200.  But the future looks bright, and 2020 is a year for celebration of all things film photography.  Here is my celebration:

Here are pictures on film stocks either discontinued or recently reintroduced with which I have shot in the last 10 years.  Superia 200, Superia 800, Plus-X 125, Reala 100 (very expired), Acros 100, T-Max P3200, P30 Alpha, Ektachrome E100.  Don’t sweat the little stuff, keep shooting any which way you can.

Milestone reached: 300 followers

I’m not here to name names, but thank you all.  It’s been over five years since I started this blog, and I’ve seen people come and go over that time.  There are a few who have been with me from the beginning, or close to it: you know who you are.  And welcome to all the people who have joined me recently.  According to WordPress I have 300 followers, though I’m sure a lot of those haven’t been active for a while.  Not that I keep track of it too closely, but I’m sure that I’ve had people who have re-followed me too.  The most rewarding aspect for me is seeing so many visitors from different parts of the world, and it’s humbling that anyone finds what I’m doing interesting.

The blogging has been pretty unfocused the last year or two, and it seems to me that I was running on fumes for a while.  The day job has been taking up so much of my time, and even though I was shooting nearly all the time I would hold off on developing until I had quite a lot of film; last time it was 17 rolls!  My main goal through all of it was to keep posting at least once per month, but now that I have 17 rolls developed I have an incredible backlog.  And of course, I decided to retake Advanced Photography for the hell of it (main reason was to get into a darkroom one more time) so I’m creating work at a good clip and on a consistent regular basis. 2019 will be a good year for pictures and posting, at least while the semester lasts.  I’m not going anywhere, and neither is film.  Except maybe Fuji, but we all knew that anyway, sadly…

Milestone of a different kind

I don’t know exactly why, but I’m the first hit when someone Googles “Fujica ZC1000.”  Feeling lucky, it’ll send you directly to The Resurrected Camera.  And if you search just for images, mine is the first there too.  Pretty good for a camera I bought over a year and a half ago, have never used, meant to get a CLA for and never got around to doing it.

Not that I’m complaining mind you, but it’s strange to have that happen and it’s not like I’m an expert in the field of small-gauge filmmaking or the ZC1000 in particular (for that go read Ignacio’s blog).  Having the number one search result on Google is pretty significant milestone, one I didn’t see coming.

Though while we’re on the subject of the ZC1000, I did manage to track down a (somewhat rough) copy of the 1.8/5.5mm EBC Fujinon-SW lens…so wide the only focus it needs is macro.  And when I get a workflow for developing the film and reloading the single-8 cartridges, I’ll be using that baby.  But for now, the Canon is easier to deal with.

Oh, and guess what: it seems I’m the first choice for information regarding the Pakon F335 scanner as well!

Well that I can understand more I guess, but still…

Milestone reached: 200 followers

Thanks, 200 people, for reading what I have to say and finding it interesting.  I hope I can stay relevant and continue to provide insight into how to shoot film on the cheap (which has been my stated goal).

Just a small update, I currently have 11(!) rolls of film in my backpack waiting to be developed and I will be dropping them off after class today.  Things can pile up when one doesn’t have the funds to develop film!  I suppose that the main thing though is to keep shooting, and thankfully I had (and still do have) quite a large stockpile of film in my freezer, so at that point shooting film cost me nothing.  And compared to last Summer, I actually wanted to take pictures (seriously, I made one roll of Tri-X last 2.5 months).  I shot 3.5 rolls just this last weekend while in Alamosa for the Southern Colorado Film Festival and as for the rest of it, I’m not even sure what’s all there, but surely there are many posts to come, maybe an entire series dedicated to “What I did this Summer…”  Besides working.