This page is continuously updated with new information.  Feel free to comment or contact me with announcements from establishments I haven’t listed yet. 

First of all a big Thank You to everyone out there keeping the country (and the world) moving, from the ISPs to the smallest courier services.  Stay safe!  I want to give a big Thank You to the companies and employees willing to carry on during the recent pandemic.  I’m sure there are more but these are the ones that have made public announcements on social media or on their websites.  I’ll update this list daily if I can, if I hear about other photo industry-related places still allowed to operate.  Let’s support them!

Film manufacturers
Adox is still working on a limited basis
Ilford Photo was ramping up production in March and is shut down as of 04/01, still shipping out their inventory to photo retailers and customers.
Kodak will be manufacturing the treatment drug right in Rochester.

The Film Photography Project
Freestyle Photo
Japan Camera Hunter (suspended shipping to some countries)
Roberts Camera
Mono No Aware

Motion Film Labs/Scanning Houses
Cinelab (New Bedford, MA)
Colorlab (Rockville, MD)
FPP (Fair Lawn, NJ)
Gamma Ray Digital (Allston, MA)
Gotham Photochemical (Burbank, CA)
Negativeland (Ridgewood, NY)
Nicholas Coyle Film and Video (Denver, CO)
Pro8mm (Burbank, CA)
Spectra Film and Video (North Hollywood, CA)
Australia: Nanolab
Canada: Frame Discreet
Canada: Niagara Custom Lab
Germany: Andec Filmtechnik
Mexico: Curioso Lab (black&white only)
Mexico: Lab Tank
Netherlands: Super 8 Reversal Lab
UK: Gauge Film

Still Photo Labs
Blue Moon Camera (Portland, OR)
Boutique Film Lab (Mt. Juliet, TN)
The Darkroom (San Francisco, CA)
Denver Digital Imaging (Denver, CO)
DR5 (black&white reversal) (Stuart, IA)
Dwayne’s Photo has resumed limited operations (Parsons, KS)
Old School Film Lab (Dover, NH)

And here are film/photo-related businesses that I’ve heard have been using their production lines to help save lives
Kodak is making ingredients for hand sanitizer
Standard Camera company has been 3D printing parts for face shields
Nations Photo Lab has repurposed their facility to manufacture face shields.
They’re a big company…Fujifilm has been working on a cure.

Other helpful information
Ilford: Where to find Ilford (and other) film online
Kosmo Foto’s Worldwide list of film labs’s COVID-19 Prevention advice and resources
Japan Camera Hunter: Developing film in Japan during COVID-19