All this equipment…Tri-X edition

Shooting a couple rolls of Super 8 film back in April 2020 during lockdown.  So here is the time delay between the immediacy of the digital camera on my phone and getting film developed, getting around to scanning it, and finally getting to the order in the queue.  But hopefully it was worth the wait!

It was more to test out my cameras than anything, but if I put my mind to it I might be able to turn it all into an “experimental” short.

Road to the Peak

Well actually this is the road from Pike’s Peak, but whatever.  This is the last view of the summit before reaching the toll gate in Cascade and Ute Pass.

2020 was an exceptionally dry and hazy Summer/Fall with quite a lot of forest fires, you can see that here with the amount of smoke in the air.

Oh deer…

Photographing my mom’s neighbors who came over for a block party in her backyard.  I think I’ve talked about tame deer before…these were shot with the 50mm lens, because it was the longest I had at the time.

This was about as close as they’d let me get before moving back to maintain a respectful 6ft distance, very conscientious deer…

This was from my first roll of Tri-X through the F Apollo

Out with the old, Pt.II

I’ve had this vintage Lowepro bag for nearly a decade now, it was a gift from a family at church, along with their Minolta X-700; I got more use out of the bag.  While it was with them it made a trip to India and God knows where else; certainly it saw a lot of use with me over the years.  I really loved how well-made the bag was, and started buying other vintage Lowepro bags when I could find them for a reasonable price.  I originally thought this particular bag had been used as an impromptu diaper bag at some point as it did rather tend to smell like a used diaper, but as I acquired more bags and encountered others at thrift stores, I smelled it a lot; it must just be something in the materials.  I also dropped this bag in a pile of horse shit once, but that’s another story (and honestly there isn’t much to tell, but it happened during this outdoor Katy Graves concert).  Anyway, the zipper stopped zipping and that was the last straw for me.  So here’s my new Domke Viewfinder Series photojournalist bag alongside for comparison:

It’s not quite the same but at least Domke still manufactures in America, something the brand formerly known as the Colorado-based Lowe Alpine Systems can’t claim anymore.  I loved the aesthetics of old Lowepro so much that I found a duffel bag with a lot of the same characteristics, from BAD Bags: hand-sewn seams, 1000D Cordura nylon, seatbelt webbing, Fastex fasteners, and YKK zippers (supposedly the best).  But in my case the zipper was the weak link:

YKK Zippers, you’re trying my patience…my jacket that I’ve worn for years is starting to misbehave now too!  I’ve used my new Domke bag for the last 6 months and have been quite happy with it, though I wonder if its being open to the elements will allow more dust than with the old Lowepro.  Of course, the alternative is a lot more zippers…

This is me also trying out the 55mm f/2.8 Micro-Nikkor lens that I bought last Summer.

The nephew arrives…

My brother and sister-in-law had their first baby at the end of May.  I’d taken the pregnancy announcement pics back in the Fall but of course now with COVID we couldn’t actually be at the hospital for the birth; these were the day after when they came home.  Of course everyone was taking pictures all the time and I’m sure those are the ones that people actually saw, but I (again of course) took the slow (and ultimately archival) route with good old Tri-X.  I had these rolls of film developed very soon after and had pics for the family a week after that which is pretty quick for me.

I had the F2A already halfway through a roll (officially its first) and switched to the F Apollo afterward (only test rolls previously).  Knowing that they were both functioning properly I’ve been shooting a lot whenever I’m down at my brother’s house, all Tri-X, all with the F.

Hoarding all my favorites…

During the lockdown in April 2020 when so many items were unobtanium, I couldn’t find my favorite teas anywhere.  When everything did become available again I made sure to have multiple boxes of everything.  It’s only grown since late May when I took this:

So my favorite teas are:
Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat
St. Dalfour Earl Grey
Taylor’s of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold
Taylor’s of Harrogate Scottish Breakfast (not pictured)
Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice
Bigelow Chamomile (not pictured)

Well, we’re saved after all.

Alright it looks like things are back to normal…a bit.  It looks like I have to go through pretty much every page though and modify things.  So I’ll start doing that.  It might take a while but it looks like the site will still have the functionality it had.  I hate the new WP editor and do everything in the Classic Editor.  If that wasn’t around I would have abandoned WordPress long ago.  But basically I just have to go into every published (and non-published) post and change one setting:

Any more work and I don’t know if I would have kept the site, I would have started over and gone to a different platform, most likely.  As it is, it would appear that instead of having 4GB for images like when I signed up, I now have only 3GB, and I’m at 80% of that.  What happens afterward, I’m not sure…I might try monetization to see if there is enough income to pay for the site’s maintenance.  But it all reminds me of a famous quote by our favorite villain:

That’s right, Uncle Sam, keep on pushing the American People…

WordPress, you’re pissing me off…

I don’t know what the hell’s going on, all the old galleries/slideshows don’t work anymore. I’m trying to go into the classic editor and modify them and it’s malfunctioning. I made this page with the current editor (which I hate) and everything seems to work the way it should. But if I have to go back through every blog post I’ve made (400+) and redo everything from scratch then not only will I be pissed off, but I will seriously consider going to a different platform.

Random assortment of images:

Perhaps the problem is not the theme but the fact that I’ve been using the old editor?

But either way all the old posts I made don’t work. Maybe WP is working on modifying something right now so I’d better a day or two before trying to change too much on the site…


It would seem that this old WordPress Theme (Twenty Eleven) might have finally become unusable…I suppose it was old when I started the blog back in 2014 so there’s no surprise there.  All my pages links are still there though they only show up when you move a cursor over them, this was annoying but still workable, but now it seems that clicking on a picture no longer brings up a slideshow which is difficult to deal with.  So enjoy the old look while it lasts, this could be the end of it:

I’ll go on a hunt for a new theme now…

edit: and my other question is…is the theme the problem or do slideshows now not work?  Either way I’m a bit frustrated!

Old Bronco

…which has evidently seen better days but is still in pretty good shape all things considered!  It belongs to a neighbor of mine.

If this vehicle were in Ohio it would be 95% rust…as it is it’s a lot less than that but what’s there tells me it didn’t spend its whole life in the dry air of Colorado.  I’ve talked to a lot of people who have been anticipating the new 2021 Ford Bronco and from what I’ve seen it looks interesting, but I think I’d have more fun driving this.