Filter on/filter off

Ahhhhh, tungsten-balanced film!  I wish there were more of you in the world!

Some people are blessed by the Cinestill gods and every shot they take is magic right out of the camera.  Others, like myself, have to really work for it; I kind of take it for granted that I’ll have to put in some effort in post making Cinestill films look right.  A few months ago I picked up a 52mm Nikon-branded Wratten 85B filter for use shooting Cinestill 800T outdoors, and it works like a charm, much better right out of the scanner.  Though I really do like the look of the unfiltered shot as well, even with early dawn light it was still pretty damn blue.  I really think that if you are planning on using this film in all conditions, it behooves you to get an 85A or 85B filter.  Armed with one of these Cinestill 800T easily becomes the most versatile color film you can buy; I just hope that someday Kodak makes something like a Portra 1600T so I don’t have to deal with the annoying halation effects…

I’ve always had a thing for Dark Eyes…

I have a piano book that’s been in my family for ages, certainly all the time that I was growing up.  When I got back into taking lessons at age 16 I was playing a couple pieces out of this book, and with the copyright being earlier than my parents, it’s entirely possible that this book belonged to my grandmother originally.  In finding the number 21 coming up a lot, I went back to this book and found this song on p21.  I’d already taken note of the song on p42: it’s the only title in the book that’s just a woman’s name, and it happens to be yours.  Why such a coincidence?  Was I looking for them?  I didn’t think I was.

Now that’s what I call style!

If I do say so myself.  Modeling my brand-new shirt, self-designed (kind of) and custom tailored through my local Colorado Springs haberdashery.  They sent me a Christmastime coupon, and my boss gave me a gift certificate as well, which went a long way towards paying for this shirt.  I’ve worn it a couple times already to events where I needed to dress business-casual.

I’ve used Cinestill 800T a few times, usually indoors with very poor lighting, but I recently bought an 85B filter and am starting to use this film in more all-around capacities.  I’m happy to say that the results have been incredibly promising!

Hat: Stetson
Shirt: Rutledge’s
Jeans: Brave Star
Boots: Alden
Truck: Chevrolet
Dirt: Colorado

Also…it occurs to me Katie that I’ve given you crap for the very thing I’ve just done…shoot some good low-light film outside in rather bright conditions.  Sorry.

Back in the saddle – shooting a black unmetered Nikon F2

I recently had to send my baby back to the F2 Master while it was still under warranty, it was developing just a too many faults.  So after a time spent with no thinking whatsoever, it was nice to know that shooting unmetered comes back without a hitch.

It’s all about remembering the muscle memory.

Western shirts of the 2021 and 2022 seasons

A helpful reminder that if you wear cowboy clothing you technically are ranch dressing.  What could be more American than that?  In fact all these shirts are Made in USA.  These are the ones I’ve bought in the last year or so, as you can see I’m fond of Southwest patterns:

Do you guys have a favorite one? (or more than one?)  Then please tell me.  It’s for science, so please vote!

2-Freenote Cloth
3-Rockmount Ranchwear
5-Western Aloha
6-Freenote Cloth