Milestone reached: 400 followers

According to WordPress at least, which is keeping track of these things.  I was looking back through my followers list because I’m sure a lot of those followers are fake…the thing is, if they are I didn’t pay for them!  But there are some strange fake-sounding websites following me (and apologies if you are one of those, I appreciate it, it’s just bizarre).  A few recent followers have already deleted their profiles.  One girl has followed me with at least 4 different profiles; I can’t judge as I follow myself from my music website.  So thank you, everyone.  And I don’t know about all the people that used to blog and don’t anymore: so many dead links or abandoned sites.  Do these people really count as followers?  It’s not like I get 400 likes every time I post something, it’s more like 5-10 most of the time, but thank you to those people who at least let me know they read it!

Also thank you to Chuck the Writer for linking to my latest post every Saturday without fail.  I don’t know who you are and we’ve never communicated but I appreciate you!  Knowing that Chuck will want something new to link to keeps me making at least one post a week and I’ll tell you all that without his silent acceptance things here would probably a bit more haphazard.  Thanks to Jim Grey who likes my stuff too and whatever he might think is pretty influential.  We’ve had some great conversations online and I’d like to think that you’re a friend, even if we’ve never met.

So let’s get truthful for a moment: I don’t make this blog for any of you.  I make it for myself.  And that’s the only way I know how to do it.  I make it because after I took Intro to Photography I felt the need to share my output beyond my immediate circle of friends on Facebook.  I feel a lot of the time like I’m in a vacuum and I’m just speaking to myself; I suppose that’s the way I want it but at the same time I couldn’t say that I don’t crave acceptance.  But thanks to all those out there who read even if they never comment or like, thanks for checking out my little corner here.  I recently conversed with someone on a Facebook group who had heard of my blog and liked my writing style.  Granted we have the same interests but I’m still happy it’s reaching people.

So keep reading and I’ll keep musing.  I do think that eventually I will run out of steam and I wouldn’t say that The Resurrected Camera has an infinite lifespan, but I don’t plan on erasing all that I’ve built here.  I hope that after my current photo project is wrapped up that I can take everything in a new direction but no promises that I will be nearly as prolific.

Eagle Rock 4×5

A guy I had a hand in training.  Actually as I’ve been driving tours for 5 seasons I’ve had a hand in training a majority of the drivers now!

This was toward the beginning of my developing sheet film and is still very splotchy; the other shots that were in the tank at the same time came out better but I think the lighting was a bit more even there.  I only bought one 10-sheet box of Kodak film (T-max 400), I wanted to support the cause but Kodak has given up even trying to compete price-wise in their large format film. 

Uncle Marmot 4×5

Marmot with the GOG Trolley.  I think I was getting a bit of flare here.  There was some very expired Ilford paper lying around the darkroom and I printed using that to see if I could get it to resemble a very old photograph.


I can’t remember which of these I printed so here are both, I always try to bracket.

Denim and Tumbleweed 4×5

Denim and Tumbleweed.  These were the first pictures I developed that didn’t look like they were on the verge of self-destructing.  I think that shooting a film I knew pretty well helped out a bit there, plus using the Fink-Roselieve tank turned out to be much less accident-prone.

Less, though there are still some irregularities but all in all much better than the first batch.  I’m quite fond of these.

4×5 portrait session 0

My first shot shooting and developing 4×5 film was disastrous in just about every way.  But there was one reasonable success:

My classmate Caleb

Everything else looks pretty terrible and I’m embarrassed to show it to you, but that’s never stopped me yet.  So here’s an example of what most of the shots looked like.

Peak construction going strong with the Cog Railway torn up

I anticipated that the other 3 students would go the route of the cheapest film they could buy and they didn’t disappoint me, it was Arista and Fomapan until te very end.  Looking around, I saw that 50-sheet boxes of Bergger Pancro 400 were nearly as affordable, I wanted to try something different, and I knew that our photo instructor Stacy is a big fan of Bergger paper.  I’m sure this film is great once you know how to work with it and from my research a lot of people were recommending to shoot it at ASA200, that coupled with the outdated times for BRF200 being the only information to build off, helped with some funky results, but also I can’t say I’m a big fan of the Yankee Agitank and shooting large format on top of Pike’s Peak has plagued me with problems every time I’ve gone up.

Jeep tours 2017, Super 8 edition, Part II

Cast of characters from the Cowboys & Jeeps days, early on in my career as a rough and ready tour guide.  Some of these jokers are still with us, others have moved on or are currently convalescing.

Again these are cropped to a 1.66:1 aspect ratio, Nicholas Coyle Film & Video scanned the film for me in 5K.  These are right out of the box HDR scans with a one-light pass.  Next step will be to get into DaVinci Resolve and color grade everything, though I still have 11 rolls of Super 8 from 2018 that I have yet to get processed and scanned.  There are still many interviews yet to conduct, and everything was shot silent so I need to get a lot of sound effects also.  This documentary is taking a lot longer than my last film; I suppose I want it to be a worthy successor.

Peak construction

Pike’s Peak is working on a new donut shop that was supposed to be finished around the same time as the new Cog Railway.  It looks that the new summit house will be finished first, though who knows.  Here are a selection of shots that I took Summer 2019 as a documentation of the ongoing work. (And yes I know I have some shutter problems)