Day One on the trolley

Honestly I’m not a fan of driving it myself, got a few different reasons behind it, from the number of shorter tours per day to the kind of clientele you get (and the corresponding tips).  But I’ll take it every once in a while if someone else needs a break from it for a week.  It provides excellent fodder for Gawkers As Spectacle.

Also fun to watch my different expressions throughout the sequence.

2021 late season jeep tours

The most up-to date I’ve ever been on producing photos, considering I took all these between August and October.  And I still have all of 2019 which I haven’t published, plus all of 2020 which should all be developed next week.

I suppose I cherry picked here a bit but then I didn’t have as many considering I had a different job most of the Summer.  But it’s kind of odd that I can lump an entire season into one post and nine images; however, there will be more.

That one rock

I think its name my be called Leaning Buddha or something like that.  I can be seen from the road quite well and there are almost always a lot of people on it.  I decided to make a pilgrimage there myself for the first time, in my first couple weeks back this Summer, and wasn’t disappointed: there was a sizeable crowd nearly the entire time.

I’ve been back a few times since, leading hiking tours; it makes a good spot to let tourists snap some pics, there aren’t too many other rocks on which regular tourists are allowed to scramble.